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26 July 2007 @ 03:58 am

Welcome to Thule...

When humans were found with extraordinary powers that defied the very laws of nature, the World Government decided that these people were a threat to society. Because the population of normal humans vastly outumbered those with oddities, they were forced onto an island, an island ruled by the enigmatic human superior Secrecian. An island called Thule.

Under the dictatorship of the Secrecian, who never shows his face or discloses his real name, these humans with strange powers lived in fear of the human Government. That was until the gangs were created. Sceleris- a gang who wished to overthrow the Government and take over all human civilization, led by the mindreader Fiona Knight; Cruento- a gang to overthrow the Government and murder all humans led by the electrifying Greta Hobart; and Pax- a gang to just ensure peace between both types of humans, led by the invisible Edic Grangefoot. These gangs don't get along, and so Thule is a city full of chaos, crime and murder.

Which side will you choose?

09 January 2007 @ 04:04 am

Yep. Sorry. For my friend's eyes only. Comment to be added!

Jenz. x